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Talent Consulting Case Study – Walt Disney

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

The Brief

True North was engaged by the European arm of the famous Los Angeles brand Walt Disney to evaluate the existing Disney Europe Recruitment Strategy. The mandate was to overhaul process in order to deliver a series of cost savings; increase the quality of candidates joining the organisation; to reduce the levels of attrition in the businesses; and produce a “Disney Candidate Experience” to help define the company as an employer of choice.

The Challenge

In the UK, the Disney organisation has failed to use its powerful brand name to attract the best people to work for the company. In fact, assessment of the value and perception of the Employer Brand showed that in many key recruitment constituencies Disney was perceived in a very negative way, so an overhaul of the entire candidate experience was required.

The Solution

True North designed the “Star Maker” programme. We began by surveying Human Resources, Recruiting Line Managers, new hires, suppliers and recent leavers to draw a “baseline” of how recruitment was handled in comparison to a number of competitors and to give a benchmark against which improvements could be measured. To implement a central HR function, True North designed a team structure, developed the appropriate talent models for each role and sourced a team of six individuals both internally and externally.

Assessment of Disney’s PSL resulted in a companywide supplier contract and education of both the line managers and HR in its use. Despite some reticence to introduce assessments into the recruitment process, in fact, it turned into one of the most positive aspects of the candidate experience and it helped improve attrition rates. All line managers were put through an intensive training programme in Behavioural Event Interviewing, and how to use the test results that came from the assessment tools that we introduced. The candidate experience was changed to a regular contact and communication program even when candidates were not actively being recruited and detailed feedback system that included full access to assessment and test results. True North also introduced a professional ‘on boarding’ for all new staff as well as giving them an informal network from day one. This helped keep people longer, reduced the time individuals took to perform in role and reduced the costs of induction.

About True North

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